Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Gardena CA

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Keep your commercial kitchen clean & compliant with expert kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in Gardena CA from Flue Steam

When it comes to reducing the risk of grease igniting inside your kitchen exhaust system and causing a fire, a kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in Gardena CA is a good place to start. However, it should by no means be the only tactic you use to clean your exhaust system. For best results, frequent kitchen exhaust hood cleanings and grease filter replacements should be used in conjunction with semi-annual steam cleanings. Flue Steam can help you with all of these services for a truly comprehensive approach to removing grease and preventing fires.

Getting Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Gardena CA

At Flue Steam, we can help customers get the best value on their kitchen exhaust system cleanings by offering a combination of hand-scraping and steam cleaning services. We will come scrape the exhaust hood every month or so, because that’s where grease buildup is normally the heaviest. Then we will return with our steam cleaning equipment a couple of times per year to clean grease from all those hard to reach spots deep within your exhaust system. When used in a proper balance, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in Gardena CA and total exhaust system cleaning should ensure that you fulfill your fire code obligations and help keep grease fires from igniting in your ductwork.

Why Choose Flue Steam

At Flue Steam, we have what it takes to deliver a superior kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in Gardena CA. Hire us and you will get the benefit of our:

  • Over 40 years’ experience in the industry
  • Intimate knowledge of code regulations
  • Highly trained and licensed technicians
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