Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Norwalk CA

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Norwalk CA

Keep your commercial kitchen clean & compliant with expert kitchen exhaust hood cleaning Norwalk CA from Flue Steam

Although your kitchen is required to have an automatic fire suppression system in place to extinguish grease fires in your exhaust system, ideally you will never have to use this system. It’s much better to prevent fires from happening in the first place, so that you can avoid costly downtime in your kitchen due to fire-related cleanup. You can greatly reduce your risk of an exhaust system fire by investing in regular kitchen exhaust hood cleaning Norwalk CA from Flue Steam. Our service is thorough, economical, and helps you remain code-compliant.

Getting Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Norwalk CA

When trying to keep your restaurant profitable, you might be tempted to cut costs wherever you can. However, you should never skimp on your kitchen exhaust hood cleaning Norwalk CA. By hiring Flue Steam, you can get thorough cleanings on a schedule tailored to the needs of your kitchen. We recommend starting out with exhaust hood cleaning every month or so. On each visit, we can measure the grease buildup on your exhaust hood to estimate how quickly it is accumulating. Based on this information, we can adjust the frequency of cleaning up or down to address faster or slower accumulation rates and ensure you are only paying for cleaning when you need it.

Why Choose Flue Steam

As your Southern California air control and fire prevention specialist, Flue Steam knows how to manage grease to keep your kitchen safe and clean. Hire us and you will get the benefit of our:

  • Over 40 years’ experience in the industry
  • Intimate knowledge of code regulations
  • Highly trained and licensed technicians
  • Membership in:

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