Swamp Cooler Service in Long Beach CA

Swamp Cooler Service

Your swamp cooler plays a very important role in your kitchen ventilation system. It provides the cool, fresh air that you need to replace the hot air that is whisked away through the exhaust system. By getting regular swamp cooler service Long Beach CA from Flue Steam, you can keep your unit working better longer, ensuring that your kitchen is safe and comfortable for your employees.

Do You Need Swamp Cooler Service Long Beach CA?

Industry standards dictate that your swamp cooler should be inspected and serviced by a professional every six months. However, you should call Flue Steam immediately for swamp cooler service Long Beach CA if you are experiencing any of the following signs of a malfunctioning swamp cooler:

  • Elevated kitchen temperatures
  • Poor air circulation
  • Smoky kitchen
  • Cooking odors that linger longer than normal
  • Slamming doors

Because Flue Steam offers emergency repair service, we can come fix or replace your swamp cooler right away to restore healthy, comfortable air flow to your kitchen.

Convenient Service

At Flue Steam, we make every effort to serve our customers when it is most convenient for them. Obviously in an emergency situation, that means we send a skilled technician out right away. But when it comes to your annual parts inspection, draining, and cleaning, many customers find it is most convenient to schedule this service for the same day that their exhaust system steam cleaning gets done. Because we offer both swamp cooler service and exhaust system cleaning, Flue Steam can deliver total kitchen ventilation service in a single convenient visit.

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