Swamp Cooler Service in Burbank CA

Swamp Cooler Service

The swamp cooler is a very important part of any kitchen ventilation system, but it is often eclipsed by the exhaust system. With exhaust systems, you have to worry about grease fires, but swamp coolers pose no such immediate dangers. The problems associated with a malfunctioning or low-performing swamp cooler are much more subtle. When you call Flue Steam for swamp cooler service Burbank CA we’ll help make sure your swamp cooler is operating at peak efficiency to keep clean, fresh, cool air constantly flowing into your commercial kitchen.

Do You Need Swamp Cooler Service Burbank CA?

Industry standards dictate that your swamp cooler should be inspected and serviced by a professional every six months. However, you should call Flue Steam immediately for swamp cooler service Burbank CA if you are experiencing any of the following signs of a malfunctioning swamp cooler:

  • Elevated kitchen temperatures
  • Poor air circulation
  • Smoky kitchen
  • Cooking odors that linger longer than normal
  • Slamming doors

Because Flue Steam offers emergency repair service, we can come fix or replace your swamp cooler right away to restore healthy, comfortable air flow to your kitchen.

What Our Swamp Cooler Service Includes

The first component of our swamp cooler service is a thorough inspection of all of the unit’s vital parts, including the float valve, pump, belts, and pads. We check these parts carefully for any damage or signs of wear, so that we can replace them with new parts that will perform better. Then we drain the unit so we can clean it, and finally we reseal the swamp cooler and hook it back up to your ventilation system. When we’re done, your swamp cooler should be in optimal working condition ready to deliver the fresh cool air you need.

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