Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning in San Pedro CA

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning San Pedro CA

Keep your commercial kitchen clean & compliant with expert kitchen exhaust hood cleaning San Pedro CA from Flue Steam

Getting a thorough kitchen exhaust hood cleaning San Pedro CA from Flue Steam is a very important step towards preventing grease fires in your kitchen exhaust system. As foods cook, they release vaporized grease that can adhere to your exhaust hood, clog up your air filters, and coat the insides of your ductwork. If this grease becomes superheated, it can ignite and cause a dangerous and potentially costly fire.

Getting Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning San Pedro CA

Ideally, you should get kitchen exhaust hood cleaning San Pedro CA as soon as your grease deposits reach the danger level of 0.125”. For most restaurants, this means the exhaust hood will need to be cleaned via hand scraping about once a month. Fast food restaurants or kitchens that deal with a lot of fried food will generate more vaporized grease and require more frequent cleanings. Though the exhaust hood is the most visible part of your exhaust system, it’s not the only place where dangerous grease buildup can occur. We encourage all of our clients to supplement their monthly hand scraping with semi-annual steam cleaning for a thorough get economical way to keep their exhaust systems in a safe, code-compliant condition.

Why Choose Flue Steam

As your Southern California air control and fire prevention specialist, Flue Steam knows how to manage grease to keep your kitchen safe and clean. Hire us and you will get the benefit of our:

  • Over 40 years’ experience in the industry
  • Intimate knowledge of code regulations
  • Highly trained and licensed technicians
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