Prevent Flash Fires with Flue Steam Inc.

November 11, 2017

Prevent Flash Fires with Flue Steam Inc.Did you know that the flue is an integral part of your kitchen? That’s because it removes hot exhaust gases that are created when you cook. When food products are heated up during cooking, natural oils and fats become vaporized and are then drawn into your exhaust system. About 70% of this airborne grease will be trapped by the grease filter, but the rest of It passes through that filter and attaches to the walls of the exhaust duct and the blades of the exhaust fan. As time goes on, the grease builds up more and more, and the efficiency of the exhaust system gets worse and worse. Temperatures start to increase, to the grease deposits liquefy. If the grease gets hot enough, a flash fire can occur.

What happens during a flash fire

If the flash fire springs from the grease filters or the area right behind them (the plenum), the automatic fire system will automatically discharge to put the fire out. But if the fire occurs above the automatic fire system’s sensors, then the fire department will have to be called. On average, it takes the fire department about 6 minutes to arrive in a metropolitan area. During those 6 minutes, serious damage to your property can result. You may have to close to make repairs, losing precious income and putting your bottom line at risk.

Flue Cleaning Services from Flue Steam

Dramatically lower your risk of flash fires by partnering with Flue Steam. Our primary focus is on flue cleaning – we offer both hand scraping and steam cleaning services. Hand scraping is the most common method using for flue cleaning because it’s the simplest. It involves physically scraping the accumulation of grease from the walls of an exhaust system. This method is effective but it’s also limited by the technician’s ability to access every inch of the flue. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is more labor-intensive, but it’s also more thorough. A technician will set up specialized equipment and use high-pressure hot water to reach every inch of your flue.

We recommend that most restaurants have the flue cleaned at least every 3 months, though fast food restaurants and other restaurants that fry and charbroil frequently will need to be cleaned monthly. Plenty of restaurants sign up for monthly hand scraping and steam cleaning every 3 months.

Ready to sign up?

Now is the perfect time to begin your partnership with Flue Steam. Give us a call at 800-700-FLUE. We’ll gladly talk to you about your commercial kitchen and recommend the best plan for optimal safety of your kitchen. We’re on a mission to prevent flash fires throughout Southern California – partner with us today!

Best Exhaust System Cleaning Company in Long Beach, CA

October 20, 2017

Best Exhaust System Cleaning Company in Long Beach, CADo you own or manage a hotel, restaurant, or other commercial property that contains a commercial kitchen? Then you need to find a reputable company to handle all your exhaust system cleaning needs in Long Beach, CA.

Why does my exhaust system need to be cleaned frequently?

You may be wondering why it’s important to have your exhaust system cleaned at regular intervals. Can’t you just wipe the outside of the vents and be done with it? Actually, no – it’s essential that you have your exhaust system cleaned at regular intervals to prevent flash fires and all the accompanying costs. If commercial kitchen exhaust systems are cleaned often, then they will be safe and work efficiently. If not, grease will build up over time, and eventually, a flash fire will probably result. Consequences of a flash fire include damaged equipment (which is costly to replace), the temporary closure of your business (lost revenue), and potential injuries to anyone close by when the flash fire erupted. Avoid all these costly problems by scheduling regular commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services with Flue Steam.

Why partner with Flue Steam

Flue Steam has been servicing commercial kitchens throughout Long Beach and surrounding areas for over 46 years. During that time, we’ve perfected our techniques to reach every inch of your exhaust system and deliver a genuinely clean system, every single cleaning. We’re not like other exhaust system cleaning companies that do a slipshod job – we strive to reach every nook and cranny of your system to provide the most thorough cleaning possible.

Hand scraping and steam cleaning

We highly recommend that you sign up for regular hand scraping and steam cleaning of your commercial kitchen exhaust system. Hand scraping is just what it sounds like – basic, effective, and affordable hand scraping of your exhaust system to remove all accessible grease deposits. Steam cleaning cost more because it requires more specialized equipment and set-up time, but it’s also more thorough. To get the most bang for your buck without sacrificing a thoroughly clean exhaust system, we recommend you sign up for monthly hand scraping services and supplement these with 1-2 steam cleanings per year.

Depending on how much grease you use in your commercial kitchen, we may recommend more or less frequent cleanings. For example, a fast food restaurant that utilizes grease all day, every day, will require to most frequent cleanings, but a sushi restaurant which uses much less grease will necessitate less frequent cleanings. Give us a call at 800-700-FLUE and we’ll gladly discuss your commercial kitchen and give you personalized recommendations.

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Now is the perfect time to begin your partnership with Flue Steam. You won’t have to worry about meeting code requirements or putting your kitchen at risk of a flash fire. Call us at 800-700-FLUE to set up a regular cleaning schedule today.

Why you Should Make Flue Cleaning a Priority

October 6, 2017

Why you Should Make Flue Cleaning a Priority

Did you know that your commercial kitchen’s flue is one of the most important parts of your set up? No matter how big or small your kitchen may be, the flue plays an essential role in keeping your whole system working efficiently and safely. That being said, plenty of people mistakenly neglect their commercial kitchen’s flue — with disastrous results.

Neglecting to have your flue thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis makes your entire system run less efficiently – and it can even be dangerous. In dirty flues, grease will build up and eventually, a flash fire could result. Consequently, the fire department will have to be called, your business may have to shut down (costing you valuable income), and you may even have to replace some parts of your commercial kitchen (further hurting your bottom line).

Kinds of flue cleaning

Now that you know how key flue cleaning is for your commercial kitchen, we at Flue Steam would like to educate you on the types of flue cleaning available to you. Partner with Flue Steam and you’ll never have to worry about your flue being properly clean on a regular basis again.

Flue cleaning is accomplished through hand scraping and steam cleaning. We recommend signing up for both hand scraping and steam cleaning services on a consistent schedule. Hand scraping involves simply scraping the built-up grease off the fans, hoods, ducts, and any other area of your exhaust system that’s accessible. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is more expensive, but it’s also more thorough. During steam cleaning, hot, pressurized water effectively removed built-up grease. Many businesses sign up for monthly steam cleaning and steam cleaning 2-4 times per year.

Certificate of Performance

We’re not like some other flue cleaning companies that don’t clean your flue thoroughly. We strive to reach every inch and crevice of your exhaust system. We even provide “Certificate of Performance” stickers after each job as proof that you have fulfilled your NFPA code obligations. These stickers keep inspectors satisfied, plus they can even help lower your insurance bills.

Bonus services

Every time we come to clean your flue, we’ll also be happy to inspect your exhaust fan. We’ll check the belts and other parts and grease the fan bearings. If your belts happen to be worn out and you have a replacement on hand, we’ll gladly install them for you at no additional charge. It’s just one more way we make sure your exhaust system works as well as possible for as long as possible.

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Worried about your commercial kitchen’s lack of access panels?

September 15, 2017

Worried about your commercial kitchen’s lack of access panels?

Perhaps you’re renting a commercial kitchen, or you recently bought the property from a previous owner, and you recently realized that it doesn’t have all the necessary access panels. It’s really important for commercial kitchens to have access panels so that their exhaust system can be cleaned properly at regular intervals. But if your commercial kitchen lacks some access panels, don’t panic – just call Flue Steam. Our expert technicians can install access panels for you in accord with NFPA 96 and California Mechanical Code approved methods and materials. We follow all rules and regulations when installing access panels, and since we clean commercial kitchen exhaust systems every day, you’ll be able to rest assured that your access panels will be installed perfectly for optimal access.

Exhaust system cleaning services

While you’re at it, why don’t you sign up for regular commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning services? We’ll be happy to put you on a regular schedule, so you won’t ever have to wonder whether your system is clean and up to code. We provide 2 primary methods of cleaning for kitchen exhaust systems including:

  • Hand scraping
  • Steam cleaning

Hand scraping is the most common method of exhaust cleaning because it’s the simplest and most affordable. When it’s time for your exhaust system to be hand scraped, one of our technicians will physically scrape the accumulation of grease from the walls of your exhaust system. This method is effective at removing grease build-up, but it’s necessarily limited by how much of your system the technician will be able to access. Our technicians strive to access every possible area of exhaust systems, but cleaning every inch is impossible.

That’s why we also recommend signing up for steam cleaning at regular intervals. This method cost more and requires more effort, but it’s also much more thorough. High-pressure hot water reaches into every inch of your exhaust system to deliver a more effective cleaning.

We recommend that most commercial kitchen be hand scraped once a month, and steam cleaned on a quarterly basis. Sign up for monthly hand scraping and quarterly steam cleaning, and your exhaust system will always be in good shape without you having to incur exorbitant costs.

Other services from Flue Steam

We’re well-known for our exhaust system cleaning services, but we also provide various other essential services for commercial kitchens. Our technicians can help with key maintenance tasks such as checking belts, greasing bearings, and replacing parts. We can also provide all the ancillary fire safety services you need to maintain maximum safety standards in your commercial kitchen including grease filter exchange, installation and service of automatic fire suppression systems as well as portable fire extinguishers.

Count on us for all your emergency repair needs, too.

We can provide emergency repair services for your fan motor, swamp cooler, automatic fire suppression system and automatic gas shutoff valve anytime 24/7. Emergency cleaning services are also available.

Get started now – give us a call at 800-700-FLUE!

Flue Steam Inc.: Serving Southern Californian Commercial Kitchens for Over 40 Years

August 18, 2017

Flue Steam Inc.: Serving Southern Californian Commercial Kitchens for Over 40 YearsDid you know that Flue Steam has been keeping commercial kitchens running smoothly and efficiently for over 4 decades? That’s right – Flue Steam has been in business for over 46 years, and during that time, we’ve only expanded our offerings to make your busy schedule at least a little less packed. We’re the leader in commercial kitchen air control and fire prevention services, and we have been since 1971. That level of experience really counts when it comes to keeping your kitchen safe and to maximize efficiency. We’ve forged lasting professional relationships with thousands of people operating some of the state’s top restaurant, hotel, and other commercial kitchens. Find out what Flue Steam can do for you today – and give us a call at 800-700-FLUE to schedule your first appointment.

Cooking just got a whole lot cleaner

Services we offer for commercial kitchens across Southern California include:

  • Complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning (including hand scraping and steam cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system’s fans, hoods, and ducts)
  • Grease filter exchange service
  • Swamp cooler maintenance
  • Exhaust fan maintenance
  • Automatic fire suppression system service portable fire extinguisher sales and service

Our top priority is the safety of your commercial kitchen

If you fail to have your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, you could be putting your entire business and staff at risk. As the grease builds up in your exhaust system, the chances a flash fire will result dramatically increase. Consequently, your kitchen staff could get hurt, the fire department will have to be called, you’ll have to endure a huge interruption to your business, and your kitchen may sustain significant damage.

The most effective way to prevent this from happening is to sign up for kitchen exhaust system cleanings. At regular intervals, we’ll schedule hand scraping and steam cleaning visits in accord with how much grease your commercial kitchen uses on a daily basis. Naturally, fast food restaurants and any other restaurant that fries and charbroils on a regular basis will need to be cleaned more frequently to prevent the dangerous build up of grease. Call us at 800-700-FLUE and we’ll be glad to set up your first cleaning appointment today.

Grease filter exchange service

One of the most cumbersome tasks in a commercial kitchen is emptying and replacing grease filters, but they’re absolutely essential tasks. Invest in regular grease filter replacement and cleaning services from Flue Steam, and you’ll always have complete peace of mind about your grease filters. Our technicians will take care of everything including removing your dirty grease filters, hauling them away for cleaning, and installing fresh, clean grease filters anywhere in your commercial kitchen. Grease fitlers should be cleaned or replaced every 2 weeks, though some commercial kitchens that don’t utilize much grease can stretch their filter replacement periods to 4-6 weeks. Give Flue Steam a call at 800-700-FLUE and we’ll gladly set up a schedule that works for you.

Begin your partnership with Flue Steam – and take some essential tasks off your staff’s plate – by calling 800-700-FLUE today.