The Significance of Keeping Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters Clean: Understanding the Dual Roles of Clean Grease Filters in the Commercial Kitchen Realm

July 29, 2023

In commercial kitchen exhaust system maintenance, considerable focus is often placed on ensuring that exhaust hoods and ductwork are clean. However, the role of grease filters cannot be overlooked – they are an integral component of this setup.

There Are Two Main Roles of Grese Filters.

Grease filters perform two critical roles in commercial kitchens.

Fire Safety

The primary purpose of a clean grease filter lies in minimizing fire risks in the commercial kitchen. As air laden with grease passes through the filter, grease particles are trapped. The upshot is a reduction in grease making its way into the ducts, where it could create a significant fire risk. Some grease filters feature a spark arrestor mechanism, further enhancing fire safety by preventing sparks produced from cooking with solid fuels such as wood or charcoal from entering the ductwork.

Ensuring Adequate Airflow

The secondary role of a clean grease filter is to encourage appropriate airflow within your kitchen. Without a grease filter, surplus grease could build up on your ductwork’s walls, escalating the drag inside the ducts. This could cause your exhaust fan to overwork, potentially escalating system wear and tear. The diminished airflow could also lead to smoke and odor problems in the kitchen.

Regrettably, the efficiency of a grease filter deteriorates as it gets dirtier. A dirty grease filter can itself be a fire risk, and it can also more drastically impede airflow compared to dirty ducts.

Best Practices for Keeping Your Grease Filters Clean

Commercial kitchen grease filters might get dirty swiftly, but the silver lining is that they are engineered to be cleaned and reused. An initial step would be having your team inspect the grease filters at each day’s end. If the filters appear greasy, they should be removed and cleaned. Most grease filters can be effortlessly cleaned by applying a degreaser, allowing them to soak for a while, and then putting them through your commercial dishwasher.

But what happens if your team lacks time for these tasks? Or if your kitchen operates around the clock, making it impossible to leave your appliances without grease filters even briefly? You can use Flue Steam‘s grease filter exchange service to ensure your filters remain clean.

We will visit your premises every week or so, take away your old, dirty filters and replace them with clean ones. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to purchase new filters each time – we’ll clean your old filters for you and return them on our next visit. Essentially, you only need two filter sets to avail of this service.

To find out more about arranging a grease filter exchange service that suits your business, please call 800-700-FLUE now.