Learn the Ways We Can Make Your Commercial Kitchen Safer for Your Staff

October 26, 2022
Learn the Ways We Can Make Your Commercial Kitchen Safer for Your Staff

Commercial kitchens can be dangerous, as is well known. There are so many people working at once, along with the dangers of boiling oil and sharp blades. Serious mishaps can occur if you’re not careful. However, there are practical measures to guard against mishaps and guarantee that nobody gets wounded while working in your commercial kitchen.

We can help you keep your kitchen safer

Working with Flue Steam is one approach to make your commercial kitchen safer. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and safety of commercial kitchens for cooking. To accomplish this significant objective, we provide a range of services to commercial kitchens, including:

Comprehensive cleaning of commercial kitchen exhaust systems (including hand scraping and steam cleaning of fans, hoods, and ducts)

  • Services for changing grease filters
  • Upkeep of exhaust fans
  • Service for automatic fire suppression systems
  • Sales and service of portable fire extinguishers

Today, schedule services for cleaning exhaust systems

One of the most important things you must take to ensure that your commercial kitchen is secure and protected from the possibility of flash fires is to regularly engage the services of a kitchen exhaust system cleaning company. In Southern California, we provide commercial kitchens hand scraping and steam cleaning services.

The best and most economical approach to remove oil buildup from your exhaust system is by hand scraping; steam cleaning, while more expensive, offers a thorough cleaning. We advise companies to sign up for steam cleaning every three months and monthly hand scraping. To create the best cleaning routine to properly safeguard your kitchen, we’ll be pleased to talk about your preferences and the demands of your kitchen. Set up cleaning services for your kitchen exhaust system with Flue Steam by calling us at 800-700-FLUE or sending an email to contact@fluesteam.com.

Services for changing grease filters

It takes a lot of effort, time, and effort to change the grease filter in your industrial kitchen, and it may be quite nasty. Enroll in Flue Steam‘s grease filter exchange services to save the trouble. At predetermined intervals of your choosing, a qualified technician will bring new, clean filters straight to your place of business.

The expert will replace your old filters with these new ones and remove them for cleaning. This will lower your fire risk and free up your personnel to work on more engaging projects. We advise replacing grease filters in most eateries every two weeks. To begin services right away, just give us a call at 800-700-FLUE or send us an email at contact@fluesteam.com.

Upkeep of exhaust fans

At Flue Steam, we value your kitchen’s efficiency and safety, so each time one of our technicians visits to clean your exhaust system, they’ll check your exhaust fan. If you have a spare belt in case your worn-out ones break, our specialist would happily install it for you at no extra cost.

Sales and servicing for portable fire extinguishers and automatic fire suppression systems

We also provide sales and maintenance for portable fire extinguishers across Southern California because avoiding fires in commercial kitchens is one of our main goals. Although we hope you never need them, you must contact Flue Steam by phone or email at contact@fluesteam.com to confirm that they are still in good working order.