Learn the Facts About How Flue Steam Can Help with Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

June 23, 2022
Learn the Facts About How Flue Steam Can Help with Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

It’s a pleasure to live in and travel to Anaheim. Disneyland is just one of the many attractions that draw tourists from around the world to Anaheim, California. This implies that you will probably prosper financially if you own a commercial kitchen that is a part of a restaurant or hotel. We hope your business succeeds in Anaheim because there are so many distinctive cultures represented here, whether it serves typical burgers and fries, pad thai, samosas and saag paneer, or any other cuisine.

There is always so much to do, as anyone who has managed a commercial kitchen can attest. Your mind is constantly racing with things to prioritize and reprioritize throughout the day, from managing the personnel to adjusting the menu and much more. But you may work with Flue Steam to make your life as a kitchen manager easier on a daily basis. When you collaborate with Flue Steam, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your exhaust system is routinely cleaned and always in compliance.

Hand scraping services

We provide both hand scraping and steam cleaning services. To remove accumulated grease from all accessible portions of your commercial kitchen exhaust system, use a hand scraper. It’s quick and easy to do. To avoid flash fires in your industrial kitchen, it’s crucial to get this grease cleared carefully on a regular basis.

By collaborating with Flue Steam, you can significantly lower your risk of flash fires and guarantee that your kitchen is always up to code. After each cleaning, we’ll even give you a “Certificate of Performance” sticker. For your commercial kitchen exhaust system, we advise registering for monthly hand scraping services. Call Flue Steam at Flue Steam to make an appointment right away.

Steam cleaning services

Add steam cleaning services to hand scraping. To get into every crevice of your exhaust system, hot, pressured water is used. Although steam cleaning is more expensive, it produces a genuinely thorough cleaning. In addition to manual scraping, many companies in Anaheim, California, use steam cleaning services 2-4 times per year.

After every steam cleaning service, we also give out “Certificate of Performance” stickers, which serve as documentation that you’ve complied with NFPA code requirements and could potentially result in a reduction in insurance costs.

Extra services

We place a lot of importance on the functionality and safety of your industrial kitchen. We also offer a number of supplemental services for industrial kitchens in Anaheim, California as a result. We’ll check the belts and other components of your exhaust system along with the exhaust fan during every routine cleaning.

Additionally, our specialist will lubricate the fan bearings. We will install a replacement belt for you at no additional cost if one of your belts happens to be worn out and you have one on hand. These added services make sure that your exhaust system is as efficient and clean as possible for the longest time.

We cover all of Anaheim, California. To begin working with Flue Steam, give us a call at 800-700-FLUE right away.