There Are Two Main Reasons Clean Grease Filters Are So Important in Commercial Kitchens

February 23, 2022
There Are Two Main Reasons Clean Grease Filters Are So Important in Commercial Kitchens

Exhaust hoods and ductwork are given a lot of attention in the realm of commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning. Grease filters, on the other hand, are an essential component of the puzzle. In a commercial kitchen, grease filters serve two critical functions. Read on to learn more and then contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE to learn about our kitchen cleaning services.


The primary purpose of a clean grease filter is to aid in the reduction of fire threats in commercial kitchens. Grease particles are caught as grease-laden air flows past the filter. As a result, less grease enters the ducts, where it can cause major fire hazards. Some grease filters have a spark arrestor mechanism that prevents sparks created by cooking with solid fuels like wood or charcoal from entering the ductwork, providing even additional fire safety.

Proper Airflow

The second function of a clean grease filter is to aid in proper kitchen airflow. The excess grease that would build on the walls of your ducting without a grease filter might actually increase drag inside the ducts. This would force your exhaust fan to run continuously, thereby increasing system wear and tear. Smoke and smells would be a problem in the kitchen due to the limited ventilation.

Unfortunately, a grease filter’s performance degrades as it becomes more clogged. A clogged grease filter may be a fire danger in and of itself, as well as restricting airflow even more than clogged ducts.

How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Grease Filters

Commercial kitchen grease filters may become dirty rapidly, but the good news is that they are meant to be cleaned and reused. To begin, have your employees examine the grease filters at the end of each day. The filters should be removed and cleaned if they seem oily. Most grease filters may be readily cleaned by scrubbing them with a solvent, letting them sit for a time, and then washing them in your industrial dishwasher.

But what if your employees don’t have time to do these tasks? What if your kitchen is open 24 hours a day and you can never leave your equipment without grease filters? You can ensure that your grease filters are clean by using Flue Steam‘s grease filter exchange service.

Every week or so, we’ll come out and remove your old, dirty filters and replace them with new ones. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to buy new filters every time; instead, we’ll clean your old ones and return them to you on your next visit. To take use of this service, you simply need two sets of filters.

Please contact 800-700-FLUE right now to learn more about receiving grease filter swap service on a schedule that fits for your company.