The Key to Preventing Grease Fires is to Prevent Grease Buildup – We Can Help

November 10, 2021
The Key to Preventing Grease Fires is to Prevent Grease Buildup – We Can Help

When we need to lubricate machinery or a vehicle’s brake pads for maximum performance, grease might be regarded beneficial. When we need to waterproof and protect a pair of shoes, the correct grease or lubricant may also help with a blocked or noisy door.

However, we perceive grease to be negative when we come into touch with greasy skin, oily hair, or greasy food. And if you own a commercial kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter, allowing oil to accumulate in your space not only makes it smell bad, but it also puts you in risk.

Because grease is thick and viscous, it’s only natural to assume that allowing it to accumulate in your business kitchen might result in injuries among people who use it. Allowing grease and moisture to accumulate in your kitchen can also lead to staff dissatisfaction and potential health issues, equipment damage, extra moisture in the food you serve, bug infestations, and, finally, a grease fire.

The hazards of allowing grease to build up in your kitchen are numerous. Fortunately, you can minimize harmful grease vapors from your commercial area by installing a well-functioning kitchen flue system and taking the proper precautionary steps.

Grease buildup in the kitchen: How to avoid it

Unless you intend on not cooking in your kitchen at all, totally preventing any drip of oil from gathering in your kitchen is difficult. Of fact, that precautionary method would be ineffective in any kitchen. However, grease control, rather than prevention, is what you should be concerned about.

Apart from installing a kitchen exhaust, other ways to prevent grease buildup include properly disposing of excess grease, cleaning the floors and surfaces of your kitchen on a daily basis, soaking and cleaning stove burners frequently, and cleaning your grease trap and kitchen exhaust filters on a regular basis. That’s right, even your kitchen exhaust fan, which removes oil, fumes, heat, and other impurities from your kitchen, requires regular maintenance in order to function correctly and remove grease.

By following the latter steps, you may avoid a potentially disastrous tragedy caused by grease accumulation while also making your kitchen more appealing.

Cleaning and repair of kitchen exhaust systems in Southern California

If cleaning your kitchen flue on a regular basis sounds like a chore, or if you want to be sure that your flue is getting the proper cleaning, you can trust our professionals to give your kitchen exhaust system the thorough cleaning it deserves. Our decades of knowledge will ensure that your kitchen is safer than it has ever been.

Aside from kitchen exhaust cleaning, we also provide emergency kitchen exhaust repair services 24 hours a day to guarantee that your commercial kitchen can work safely and lawfully with a fully functional kitchen flue.

Please contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE if you have any queries about our flue cleaning services.