Get Answers to Common Questions About Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

June 22, 2021
Get Answers to Common Questions About Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Find out what to expect when you engage Flue Steam to clean your commercial exhaust system. Learn about the importance of exhaust cleaning, the difference between thorough and regular cleaning, and the benefits of commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. Then call Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE for assistance.

What is the Purpose of Exhaust Cleaning?

Exhaust cleaning is the appropriate name for cleaning exhaust systems in commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning firms often provide Flue Steam to clean your equipment exhaust systems so you can keep an eye out for any leaks.

On a frequent basis, you should be able to observe the water that flows through your exhaust system. If the water is contaminated, you must disinfect your equipment. The water may pile up and cause major difficulties in your kitchen if you don’t clean the exhaust. When it comes to commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should inform Flue Steam about the amount of objects in your kitchen that might be affected by your exhaust system before the commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Why is Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning So Important?

“That’s not my problem,” you’re presumably thinking. However, exhaust may originate from the top of your kitchen or even your exhaust vent, believe it or not. You’ve undoubtedly seen exhaust valves that are taped shut, yet the top of the exhaust is filled with grayish-black smoke or oil dripping from hot grease.

You’ve probably seen exhaust systems with grease dripping out onto the kitchen floor. You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the exhaust system’s waste valve is missing, leaving you to deal with fumes and the mess you’ve created. You now have a better understanding of why you should employ a commercial exhaust cleaning service. Faulty equipment or inadequate maintenance are the most common causes of these issues.

What’s the Difference Between a Thorough Clean and a Routine Cleaning?

A commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning business may handle a wide range of cleaning tasks. Deep cleaning is used to remove oil and dirt from the top, sides, and bottom of the exhaust system all the way to the ceiling. It cleans the soot (ash) from the exhaust fan blades, which is the most crucial part.

When the exhaust fan blades are overwhelmed with soot from your restaurant equipment, soot turns into black particles and can constitute a major fire danger. Cleaning service providers may clean exhaust fans, blowers, and coils as needed to eliminate any food waste that has accumulated. The exhaust system is usually extensively cleaned by regular cleaners.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Exhaust?

The commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning method can assist you in adhering to all air quality regulations. It will also aid in keeping your equipment clean and safe for your workers. This will also assist to decrease the dangers’ health risks.

If you have additional questions, or need additional fire prevention and air control services, contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE.