Don’t Have a Working Restaurant Exhaust System in Burbank CA? Take Advantage of Our Emergency Service

January 8, 2021
Don't Have a Working Restaurant Exhaust System in Burbank CA? Take Advantage of Our Emergency Service

Running a restaurant is hard work – no doubt about that. Unfortunately, there are many laws and regulations that restaurant owners must know and follow at all times if they wish to remain open. One of those laws is making sure, that if required, there is an exhaust system installed in the kitchen, let alone, one that is in working order when the kitchen is in use. An exhaust system that isn’t working properly or at all could have some horrible consequences such as a hot and stuffy kitchen area and a kitchen environment that might lead to respiratory problems and serious discomfort among your staff and even your customers. It’s much easier and less stressful to simply have a working exhaust system than it is to have one that’s not working.

It’s the Law to Have a Working Exhaust System in Your Commercial Kitchen

As mentioned, it is illegal to not have a working exhaust system if your commercial kitchen requires it based on the equipment you have and use. If your system is broken, you may receive a fine or other penalty or even be asked to temporarily shut down your restaurant until the system is back in working order.

A broken exhaust system that leads to consequences among your employees may also lead to a lawsuit like, if for instance, you make an employee with asthma work in your kitchen, and the poor air quality from the lack-of-exhaust kitchen triggers an asthma attack in said employee.

All in all, a commercial kitchen being used with a malfunctioning exhaust could cross many legal boundaries – ones that you may not be financially prepared to be facing – and shouldn’t be facing from the start since you should be following the law with the intent to keep everyone comfortable and safe.

Get Your Exhaust System Repaired Quickly in Burbank CA

Luckily, you don’t have to shut down your restaurant for long when you have emergency exhaust system repair service that’s just a quick phone call away. In Burbank, CA and in its nearby cities, you can rely on Flue Steam, Inc. to be there for you in the event that your kitchen exhaust system fails on you, even if it occurs in the midst of a busy day and time.

Schedule your emergency exhaust repair appointment in Burbank, CA by calling us at 800-700-FLUE. We’re more than happy to help you get back up and running with a working exhaust system!