Why Your Restaurant Needs Decontamination Service in Dana Point CA

November 21, 2020
Why Your Restaurant Needs Decontamination Service in Dana Point CA

There area a lot of things every restaurant needs: cooking equipment and utensils, cashiers and cooks, and a menu of delectable food and beverage items. But it’s not enough to have everything you need to simply take orders, make food, and leave customers with a full tummy and happy tastebuds. Another vital aspect of the food industry is making sure your restaurant is properly sanitized and kept as clean as possible at all times.

One way to obtain that level of cleanliness is to opt for decontamination service. If you’re not convinced that you need it yet, below are some reasons why you should consider it:

We’re in the Middle of a Pandemic

During any pandemic, sanitization is imperative. Even if customers aren’t dining or even stepping inside your restaurant right now, know that it’s still important that proper sanitization methods are used to clean your store. One of your employees could unknowingly be bringing in the virus, or another virus, which can then spread among employees and then customers and beyond.

Pandemic aside, viral and bacterial illnesses and infections can still be spread in your restaurant through cross-contamination (e.g., an employee touching raw meat and then touching the countertops without sanitizing it afterward). These types of things spread faster and can be way more dangerous than anyone might realize.

It Can Reduce Your Chances of Dealing with Pests

The less cleaned and sanitized your restaurant is, the more likely pests are going to be attracted to the inside of your eatery. But sanitization works by killing bacteria and viruses that may be present in foods like proteins and masking the scent and edibility of any tasty debris left on the surfaces of your restaurant.

Decontamination Service Can Improve Your Health Inspection Score

It’s not a guarantee, but if decontamination and cleanliness are problems at your establishment, getting decontamination service may have a positive impact on your health inspection score. With a more well-contaminated eatery, this means your entire restaurant may not only appear cleaner to the naked eye, but it means there will be fewer pests and less customers getting sick which, in turn, will give you a more positive look in the eye of your county’s health department.

Do you want to keep your restaurant properly sanitized to help impede the spread of COVID-19, eliminate pests, and to potentially boost your restaurant’s health inspection score? You know who you can count on: Flue Steam, Inc. With our new, 5-star decontamination services in Dana Point, CA, you’ll be able to do all the latter plus more!

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