Is it Time for Your Swamp Cooler to Be Serviced in Your Fullerton CA Restaurant?

September 10, 2020
Is it Time for Your Swamp Cooler to Be Serviced in Your Fullerton CA Restaurant?

Adequate ventilation in any kitchen matters, even in your very own home. But it matters even more in commercial kitchens, which get used a lot more than your average residential kitchen, as you can probably imagine.

If you happen to have a swamp cooler in your commercial kitchen as a way to keep your kitchen properly ventilated, know how critical it is to get your unit serviced every now and then. Without regular service, your swamp cooler won’t be able to properly do its job and may have a reduced lifespan overall, which is why our Flue Steam, Inc. team strongly recommends that you do opt for maintenance.

This is How Often Your Swamp Cooler Needs to Be Serviced

If you want your swamp cooler to be up and running several years from now, you’ll need to have service done approximately once a year. And at least once a month, it’s recommended that you check the water pads of your unit to ensure they’re clean enough, and if not, that they’re replaced in a timely manner. And as needed, always make sure to empty your unit’s drip pan when it’s not in use as the standing water can harbor bacteria. This type of maintenance isn’t optional; it’s an absolute necessity.

You may or may not need to have your swamp cooler serviced more frequently, depending on how often your kitchen gets used, the age of your unit, and the current condition of your cooler. The busier the restaurant, chances are, the more likely you’ll need to check on and maintain your swamp cooler.

Hire a Pro to Do the Work for You

It’s aggravating having to remember to maintain things; we completely get it. Many of the restaurant owners we come in contact with have little time to tend to the tedious maintenance of all their equipment, including their ventilation system. While we can’t help you service all your equipment, what we can do is provide service for your Fullerton, CA restaurant kitchen’s swamp cooler. That alone can make a huge difference in your kitchen in terms of ensuring bad odors, debris in the air, and excess heat in your kitchen are properly eradicated.

If you’re ready to have your swamp cooler maintained in your commercial kitchen, Flue Steam, Inc. can help! Dial 800-700-FLUE to get your first service appointment set up. We have great deals and fantastic service that you won’t be able to resist!