Call on Us to Deep Clean and Sanitize Every Inch of Your Commercial Property

April 8, 2020
Call on Us to Deep Clean and Sanitize Every Inch of Your Commercial Property

It is essential that companies keep their commercial properties cleaned and sanitized. Many do not have the resources, equipment, or knowledge to truly sanitize their own properties. That is where Flue Steamcomes in. We can effectively, efficiently, and affordably ensure that your company is clean inside and out.

Clean from Outside the Back Door to Outside the Front Door – And Everything in Between

Call on Us to Deep Clean and Sanitize Every Inch of Your Commercial Property

There is no part of your commercial property that should remain unclean or unsanitized. We can provide the deep cleaning your company needs to protect both your employees and the public. Trust Flue Steam to clean the touch-points and provide disinfection throughout the entire property. We use only CDC-approved industrial-strength disinfectants to get the job done right.

High Touch-Points Are the Most Important Areas to Clean

We will clean the entirety of your commercial property but it is essential to know that your high-touch areas are clean. These are the areas that are most likely to collect bacteria and viruses because they are touched frequently. Depending on your industry, the touch-points we will focus on could include:

  • Cooking Equipment
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Pantries
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Desk surfaces
  • Chairs (seats, backs, and armrests)
  • Doors (including the handles)
  • Booths
  • Tables
  • Trash receptacles
  • Countertops
  • Condiment dispensers
  • Menus
  • Office equipment (printers, copiers, scanners, etc.)
  • Light switches
  • Handrails
  • Computers

Of course, the specific areas we will give extra attention to will depend on the industry you are in and what is necessary to provide thorough results.

We Work with All Types of Commercial Properties

All commercial properties should be clean and sanitized but some need it more than others. At Flue Steam we can help restaurants, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, and other high-volume commercial properties. We can start outside your front door, get outside your back door – including loading docks and dumpster areas – and everything in between.

Protect Your Customers and Protect Your Staff with Thorough Cleaning and Sanitizing

As a business owner there are two things you need to succeed: Your staff and your customers. For the benefit of all of them, make sure your property is as clean and sanitized as possible. To learn more about the many services available from Flue Steam we urge you to contact us now at 800-700-FLUE. We are happy to answer questions and provide a free quote for commercial cleaning and sanitizing.