Common Swamp Cooler Problems to Look Out for in Your West Hollywood CA Commercial Kitchen

February 19, 2020
Common Swamp Cooler Problems to Look Out for in Your West Hollywood CA Commercial Kitchen

Swamp coolers are significant pieces of equipment in commercial kitchens across the nation. The main intent of a kitchen-dwelling evaporative system is to ensure your space remains cool while stale air is removed.

In fact, did you know that only about 10% of the airflow in your commercial kitchen should come from nearby sources (e.g., dining area)? The remaining 90% of your air supply should come from an air-cooling system such as a swamp cooler. Allowing too much outdoor air circulate your beloved commercial kitchen has its disadvantages including air quality problems, higher energy expenses, and performance problems with your kitchen exhaust system.

Due to the vitality of swamp coolers in California commercial kitchens, it’s integral to be on the look out for the following common issues with evaporative units:

Consistent Airflow but Improper Cooling

Lack of cooling coming from a swamp cooler is certainly counterproductive. If you happen to come across this mishap, double check to make sure your unit has enough exhaust supplied to it. If the problem isn’t resolved, take a look at your swamp cooler’s belt and motor.

Excessive Water Use

Chances are, a swamp cooler that uses too much water has a valve issue. In this case, the valve may need to be replaced, especially if you notice a water leak.

Musty Odor from Swamp Cooler

A musty odor coming from your unit is not only unpleasant to the nose, but it can signify that something is wrong. Inspect the pads of your unit for mildew, and check for stagnant water. If mildew is the problem, we recommend replacing your swamp cooler’s pads. On the other hand, the stagnant water issue can be addressed by dumping the water from your unit, cleaning the reservoir thoroughly, and then adding fresh, clean water to your unit.

Consistent Cooling but Improper Airflow

This particular issue may indicate that your water pump is clogged. Otherwise, consistent cooling with improper airflow can be caused by pads that have open spots or are dry.

Parts are Corroded

If you notice that some of the parts of your swamp cooler are corroded, then congratulations on the good eye! Regularly checking the parts of your unit every now and then is essential when it comes to maintaining a proper evaporative system. But the issue still stands.

That said, if you notice rust or corrosion on your cooler’s parts, this may be due to humidity from the outdoor environment (Southern California is no exception) or minerals in the water tank. In the case of a mineral problem, simply add mineral tablets to your water tank. If it’s an outdoor humidity issue (50+ percent), consider switching over to an air conditioner as swamp coolers don’t perform as well in heavy humidity.

Swamp cooler problems do happen, but they aren’t convenient, that’s for sure. For all your swamp cooler service needs, contact Flue Steam, Inc. to set up an appointment in West Hollywood, CA. Dial 800-700-FLUE today!