Get Your Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaned in Southern California Before Christmas

December 11, 2019
Get Your Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaned in Southern California Before Christmas

Many restaurants this time of year are busier than ever before. From serving large families coming together at one dinner table to celebrate the holiday season, to accommodating hungry Christmas shoppers, to whipping up catered meals for customers’ holiday celebrations, your kitchen staff are going to be slammed with endless tasks. This is no surprise for many restaurant and catering company owners.

But have you ever stopped to think how all the extra business you’re receiving around the holidays could be negatively impacting your kitchen equipment? Your expensive mixer might break, a burner on your stove might go out, the list goes on. One important unit many folks in the cooking industry forget to tend to is their kitchen hood, which will definitely be overworked this time of year, along with the rest of their equipment.

Commercial Kitchen Safety Starts with a Clean Hood!

There’s no better time to amp up the kitchen cleaning than during the month of December. And it goes beyond just the need for extra dishwashing, wiping down countertops more often, and frequently disinfecting door handles to steer clear of germs.

At Flue Steam, Inc., we recommend getting your entire kitchen exhaust system cleaned, including your range hood, drip cups, exhaust fans, and exhaust ducts, to get rid of excess grease buildup in your commercial space. Without regular exhaust system maintenance, especially during one of your busiest times of the year, this can result in unfortunate results, including:

  • Poor air quality in your kitchen
  • Possibility of a flash fire
  • Lower lifespan of costly kitchen equipment
  • Increased risk of slip and fall injuries
  • Penalties for not properly maintaining your kitchen flue

The latter risks can not only be potentially expensive and time-consuming to tend to but can also have a negative effect on your staff members’ health and the safety of your commercial property. A filthy kitchen exhaust is perhaps one of the most dangerous aspects of any kitchen!

Get Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Southern California Today

You might be one to do things on your own, but when it comes to your kitchen exhaust system, cleaning it correctly is critical in terms of health, safety, and compliance. Especially with you and your crew being extra busy around this time of year, it’s a great idea to have a professional come out to maintain your flue before or after Christmastime.

What are you waiting for? The holidays are almost here! Contact Flue Steam, Inc. in Southern California today at 800-700-FLUE to set up your kitchen hood cleaning soon.