Get the Best Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Beverly Hills, CA

September 7, 2019
Get the Best Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Beverly Hills, CA

If you know anything about having a commercial kitchen, you know that these places get pretty stuffy, hot, and smoky. Chances are, you’re also well aware of the dangers a kitchen that’s not properly ventilated can pose for both the safety of your kitchen as well as your employees. That’s why kitchen exhaust systems were invented: to keep kitchen environments healthier and more pleasant to work in.

Although you might already understand why having a kitchen flue is critical, you might not understand exactly how important it is that your get your kitchen exhaust system regularly cleaned by a professional. In that case, we’ll be the first to inform you!

Benefits of a Clean Kitchen Exhaust System

  1. Removable of heat and odor from your kitchen
  2. With the removable of hot air and cooking-related stenches, your commercial kitchen will be more pleasant for your employees to work in. Additionally, your customers won’t be exposed to these uncomfortable conditions.
  3. Prevention from a flash fire
  4. A regularly cleaned kitchen flue helps eliminate flammable remnants, such as grease, that come about during the cooking process. Leaving grease buildup in your kitchen can certainly trigger a flash fire.
  5. Greater environmental safety
  6. The grease that accumulates in your kitchen has the potential to cause environmental harm. However, when these greases are properly eliminated with a kitchen exhaust, you can greatly decrease the environmental harm these contaminants contribute to.
  7. Lower energy costs
  8. Clean kitchen exhausts feature better airflow, which in turn provides greater energy efficiency. And, as a result, you can celebrate with lower energy costs.
  9. Safer air quality
  10. Safety always comes first. Keeping your kitchen exhaust clean means it’s capable of eliminating contaminants in the air that may otherwise pose health problems for those within the vicinity of your kitchen.

Why We’re the Best for the Job

When it comes to hiring someone to clean your kitchen flue, you don’t want just anyone; you want someone who’s knowledgeable and experienced.

At Flue Steam, Inc., our technicians are not only licensed but are the best at what they do. Unlike some technicians, our team doesn’t just mostly focus on cleaning your kitchen’s hood range but every nook and cranny of your exhaust system.

In addition to a thorough kitchen flue cleaning, we also offer bonus services. As part of every cleaning appointment, our team also performs an exhaust fan inspection. If, say, one of your belts is worn out, or your fan isn’t working as well as it should, you bet that our team has the expertise to resolve the issue at hand.

Ready to hire us? Contact us now at 800-700-FLUE to set up your appointment in Beverly Hills.