24 Hour Kitchen Exhaust Emergency Service in Los Angeles County

June 17, 2019

24 Hour Kitchen Exhaust Emergency Service in Los Angeles County

Kitchen exhaust fans aren’t just for show; these special fans play a prominent role in kitchens big and small. Your exhaust or flue system helps dispel kitchen odors, fumes, humidity and heat, smoke, and gas – all the yuck and gunk you wouldn’t want your kitchen to trap in.

In turn, a kitchen exhaust can make your kitchen a more tolerable and safer environment to work in, in terms of providing better quality air to breathe, less grease and ventilation buildup that may otherwise trigger slips and falls, and a slimmer risk of a flash fire. Likewise, a properly functioning exhaust can eliminate smoke and steam that may eventually damage the walls and windows of your kitchen.

As you might guess based on the latter information, having a broken or malfunctioning kitchen flue is not good news. The good news, however, is that Flue Steam Inc. in the Los Angeles County area provides 24/7 emergency kitchen exhaust repair at your convenience.

What We Service 24/7

Flue Steam Inc. has over 40-plus years of experience offering kitchen air control and fire prevention services. Our licensed technicians are qualified to deliver fast emergency service at your commercial kitchen’s demand.

From automatic fire suppression systems to automatic gas shutoff values, our experienced team can repair it as soon as possible 24 hours around the clock. We also have expertise in repairing exhaust fan bearings, pulleys, motors, and belts as well as swamp cooler pumps, float values, pads, motors, and belts.

While we do not anticipate that you require a need for emergency repair, our team will be happy to aid you in your time of crisis to ensure your commercial kitchen can continue to run smoothly and safely without the risk for a more costly and dangerous emergency in the near future.

Schedule an Emergency Exhaust Repair Today!

Especially for owners of commercial kitchens, having a kitchen exhaust system repaired as soon as possible is important. Leaving your kitchen exhaust broken just a little bit longer is gambling, putting your employees, yourself, your customers, your commercial kitchen and entire building, and your business at risk. For that reason, dealing with a flue emergency is no joke.

Apart from dealing with flue emergencies in a timely manner, it is also your responsibility to have regular kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance performed to not only keep your flue in top-notch condition for years to come but to also potentially prevent future kitchen exhaust emergencies.

Whether you require an emergency exhaust repair or would like to schedule flue cleaning service, contact us today at 800-700-FLUE. Don’t wait until it’s too late!