Summer Staff Getting Stressed? Call Flue Steam Inc. to outsource all your Commercial Kitchen Air control and Fire prevention Services

June 4, 2016

Summer Staff Getting Stressed? Call Flue Steam Inc. to outsource all your Commercial Kitchen Air control and Fire prevention ServicesThe summer rush is here! The weather is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, tourism is picking up as school ends for kids throughout the nation and beyond, and it’s go time for restaurants everywhere. Particularly here in Southern California, which draws so many tourist to its lovely beaches, majestic mountains, and celebrity sightings, restaurant staff often feel extra pressure to perform especially efficiently during the summer months.

Is your restaurant staff starting to get super stressed out with all the extra demands this summer?

It might be time to ease up their schedule a bit. Take a few things off their lists of required tasks each day. Maybe even hire an extra person to shoulder the weight more effectively among staff members so no one gets burnt out. And outsource more tasks to decrease the overall workload of your staff.

One excellent way to do this is by partnering with Flue Steam for all your commercial kitchen’s air control and fire prevention needs. We’ve been serving commercial kitchens in all of Southern California for over 40 years. Over that time, we’ve developed a solid reputation of providing excellent air control and fire prevention services that allow kitchen staff to focus on their other highly important tasks.

Partner with Flue Steam and you’ll be able to:

  • Always confidently know that your commercial kitchen air control and fire safety measures perfectly comply with all applicable laws
  • Enjoy a reduced risk of fires in your commercial kitchen
  • Know that your employees and customers will be safe in and around your commercial kitchen

Services we provide to commercial kitchens throughout Southern California include:

  • Complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning (including hand scraping and steam cleaning)
  • Fans, hoods, and ducts cleaning
  • Grease filter exchange service
  • Swamp cooler maintenance
  • Exhaust fan maintenance
  • Automatic fire suppression system service
  • Portable fire extinguisher sales and services

We also proudly offer the following emergency repair services for commercial kitchens throughout Southern California:

  • Exhaust fan motors, bearings, pulleys, and belts
  • Swamp cooler motors, belts, pads, pumps, and float valves
  • Automatic fire suppression systems
  • Automatic gas shutoff valves

Anytime you have an emergency need that relates to your commercial kitchen’s air control or fire prevention systems, don’t hesitate to call Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE for immediate assistance. We’re always happy to help you out. Our company truck will pull into your parking lot ASAP, then our technician will diagnose and fix the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

Help prevent emergency situations from arising by scheduling regular equipment inspections and cleanings. Our technicians are always happy to grease your fan bearings, check the belts, and replace worn belts with new, customer-supplies ones whenever necessary at no additional charge during any scheduled exhaust system cleaning visit.

Set up a regular schedule now! Your kitchen staff will be so glad they don’t have to worry about the air control or fire prevention systems anymore.

Happy summer from all of us at Flue Steam!