Get Your Rooftop Exhaust Fan the Care It Needs

January 31, 2015

Flue Steam provides expert exhaust fan cleaning and inspections.

Get Your Rooftop Exhaust Fan the Care It NeedsIn any commercial kitchen, a properly designed exhaust system is essential for drawing hot, smelly, greasy air out of the kitchen. This prevents kitchen workers from becoming uncomfortable and also helps keep kitchen smells from overpowering the dining area. Plus, by removing greasy air it reduces your risk of fire. The powerhouse behind your exhaust system is of course the exhaust fan. It is obviously very important to get care and maintenance for your exhaust fan! As your kitchen air control expert, Flue Steam is the perfect company to care for your exhaust fan. Here are our suggestions for the best possible care.

Get Frequent Cleanings

While the portions of the exhaust system nearest your cooking surfaces (such as exhaust hoods) accumulate grease the fastest and need the most frequent cleanings, duct walls and fan blades will also accumulate grease over time and also need regular cleanings. At Flue Steam, we can help you determine the proper frequency for your exhaust fan cleanings.

Install a Hinge Kit

If you have a rooftop fan, installing a hinge kit will help make it easier to clean the fan. The hinge kit allows the entire fan mechanism to be tilted back off of the duct opening so that the fan cleaning can be tackled from multiple angles. It also helps ensure that the fan is replaced correctly after each cleaning.

Limit Grease Buildup

Just because you know you have scheduled frequent exhaust fan cleanings doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also take steps to limit grease buildup on the fan between cleanings. After all, grease buildup can increase wear and tear on your exhaust fan in two ways. First, grease adhering to the mechanism of the fan itself can cause wear and tear on the system. Secondly, grease adhering to the duct walls can also stress the fan, because the fan has to work harder to draw air past the increased resistance presented by greasy duct walls. To help prevent grease buildup from making your fan fail faster, you should consider installing quality grease filters. This will help reduce the amount of grease that gets in the ducts in the first place. Try our grease filter exchange service for a convenient and reliable source of clean filters.

Have Your Exhaust Fan Inspected Regularly

One final way Flue Steam can help you care for your fan is by providing a free exhaust fan inspection on every cleaning visit. We will grease the fan bearings and check the belts and other vital parts. If we see a worn belt that needs replacing and you have a new belt on hand, we will put in the new belt at no extra charge.