Flue Steam Attended the 2013 IKECA Convention Technical Seminar

October 25, 2013

Sponsoring employees to attend IKECA events is part of Flue Steam’s commitment to excellence

Flue Steam Attended the 2013 IKECA Convention Technical SeminarIKECA, or the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, is a very important organization in our field. Every year, IKECA puts on a convention and technical seminar event where industry professionals can gather to keep abreast of the latest developments in kitchen exhaust cleaning techniques & protocols. As a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company and IKECA member, Flue Steam was proud to send staff members to the 2013 IKECA seminar in Phoenix AZ.

Why We Attended

IKECA conventions and seminars offer valuable opportunities for everyone involved in kitchen exhaust cleaning to learn more about advances in the industry. Everyone from field technicians to crew supervisors and owner-operators can benefit from the hands on training and educational seminars offered at an IKECA event, and certification exams are available at IKECA events as well. Flue Steam made a point of sending representatives to the IKECA technical seminar in Phoenix AZ this year in order to make sure we are taking advantage of all possible opportunities for continuing education that will help us serve our clients better.

What We Learned

This year’s IKECA technical seminar focused on workplace safety and compliance. The Flue Steam representatives who attended learned about key safety measures that they can take during kitchen exhaust cleaning and how complying with these measures in the field benefits workers and clients alike. We also had a chance to view presentations from companies that manufacture various products related to kitchen exhaust systems. For example, we saw a booth from Ductmate, a company that manufactures observation access doors that can be installed in kitchen exhaust ducts to facilitate thorough cleaning. Our representatives returned from the seminar able to share their new knowledge with the entire company.

Why It Matters

IKECA membership is a mark of pride and professionalism for kitchen exhaust cleaning companies. When clients see that Flue Steam is not only an IKECA member but also an active participant in IKECA training and events, they’ll know for certain that we are truly dedicated to providing the best possible kitchen exhaust cleaning and fire suppression services.